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 The Skateboard Equipment Class 101 Will Help You Learn

 This is Skateboarding University's first course that skaters have been patiently waiting for.
It's going to save you so much stress, confusion, time, and money.
 Parents and skaters have been showing much appreciation for its rich content.

The best skateboarders know their skateboard equipment better than they know themselves.

You will learn how to pick and choose a complete skateboard, part by part that will best fit your needs to ride at your full potential.

Hello, my name is Nick Capamaggio, also known as NCSkateboy.  I'm the skateboard guide, instructor, and creator of Skateboarding is an amazing sport that I've had the privilege of being a part of for over 14 years! It pains me when people enter into it clueless, and waste their money on poorly designed products, or expensive products that aren't fit properly to the skater.   Whenever I think about my beginning days on a board, I wish that I had an educated friend that could have walked me through all the first things I needed to know about a skateboard...I would have had a more pleasant experience starting out. In my first year of skateboarding I bought a cheap, dangerously designed skateboard from a big name brand store.  It looked great, but was such a bad board that it broke within the first week and they didn't even give me a refund, $40 down the drain! Luckily I was able to try really good boards whenever I randomly met seasoned skaters and learned the correct ones to buy.  Unfortunately though, I didn't learn fast enough and had no one to help me to make wise decisions.  I went from buying the wrong board to buying the wrong pair of shoes. In the beginning I didn't even know there were shoes designed just for skateboarding. There are so many things I didn't think about that would have helped me save tons of tears, time, and money. 

 Yes, I eventually learned it all on my own, but I would have gotten better and faster on a skateboard, if I had only known everything this course teaches right from the start!

Skateboarders up to this point only dreamed that they could attend
their very own personal private skateboard school!

The Skateboard Equipment Class 101 is priceless, because it's the real deal. It's not just an E-BOOK, but it's a whole course that has videos, written instructions, homework, quizzes, and a personal teacher. 
You will be a skateboard university online student. (Let me explain.)

  • The Wood Deck
  • The Metal Trucks
  • The Plastic Wheels
  • The Ball Bearings
  • The Hardware
  • The Grip Tape
  • The Raiser Pads
The Parts of a skateboard inside and out
Difference between skate companies
What skateboard would be the best for you to buy
The proper safety equipment to use and purchase
Everything you need to know about skateboard shoes
Best ways to work on your skateboard and much more!
If you aren't 100% sure about what the hanger is and how it sets in the truck... then you have a potential future problem that this course could save you over $40 like that! Once you go through this course one time, you will be able to use these secrets techniques for life. You will become the expert people look to for advice! This course can be completed in one week. It has a total of 5 chapters. It is set up to do one chapter a day and each chapter has 10 question quizzes. Each Chapter is equally important to you for your future in skating. At the end you will have a final exam. The goal is to teach you crucial information that you will refer back to time and time again. It will save you, unneeded pain, stress, loss of money,and frustration becuase knowledge is power!
The first part, Class 101, of this school is to visit the basics!  Vince Lombardi as the new frustrated coach of the Green Bay Packers said to his team "Everybody stop and gather around,"  Then he knelt down, picked up the pigskin, and said, "Let's start at the beginning. This is a football. These are the yard markers. I'm the coach. You are the players." He went on, in the most simple ways, to explain the fundamentals of football.  They went on winning super bowls! In the same way, with the same importance as your new coach, I say, "Let's start at the beginning. This is a skateboard. These are the parts. I'm the coach. You are the skaters".  This class will explain to you the fundamentals of a skateboard in a fun, informative way that you won't get anyplace else. Maybe you didn't realize the importance of knowing about your skateboard equipment. Thankfully, now you do, and now you can learn it! 
Here are the basic parts of a skateboard. It's not a list of all the parts, but for now just the fundamental ones. In the course you will receive a full guide on each part to build your own complete skateboard!

Every Chapter Has A Quiz - Each quiz is hand graded by one of our skateboard instructors so we can give each student personal attention to help them learn the material at there own pace.
You Will Have Live Access - For one whole month from from the day you log in, you will be able to chat directly with me (Nick C) through email to get skate advice, council and your daily questions answered.
Top Of The Line Customer Service - We offer a 24 hour response guarantee. We work side by side with you because we want you to get the most out of the course as possible. 
There Will Be A Final Exam - We want to make sure that you not only go through the material, but that you will remember the most important parts for life. 
Every Student Will End Up With a Final Grade - You will be able to go back through the course, but your first score is what your final grade will be.Top grades in each class will be rewarded extremely well!
A Passing Grade Will Give You One Credit Score - You need a total of 5 credit scores to get your skateboard diploma and this class The Skateboard Equipment 101 is a requiremed class.
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The Most Important and Critical Part of
The Skateboard Equipment Class 101

Learn how to pick out and choose the best skateboard for your personal body figure and skating style, and how to pick out the best skateboard safety equipment and shoes to wear. This threw me off for the longest time, I mean years. Out of everything so far you are not going to want to miss this. This is an actual skill each skateboarder needs to learn!

What are the factors that come into play in picking out the correct size skateboard?

How to Disassemble a Skateboard - The course is full of videos for those who learn better by visuals
How to Assemble a Skate Trucks - There is also written instructions that you can print out to to remember different steps and techniques.
How to Change the bushings - It's like having a friend over in your house showing you how to do everything. Isn't that cool?
How to Put Grip Tape On A Deck - There are different ways, and it sometimes can get a little tricky. The videos will show you the ultimate best way to put grip tape on a skateboard.
How To Fix A Broken Kingpin - Learn what the king pin is, and how to fix one when your short on time. 
Two Ways To Design Your Grip Tape - The course will also go into making your skateboard unique to fit your own personality! There is many more things you will learn.
 Recap of The Skateboard Equipment Class 101
Detailed information on the parts of the skateboard 
("Find out what is bad and what is good)
Instructional Steps on Everything you need to know to work on your skateboard, including your shoes. 
(Would you like to save $50 on a pair of sneakers?)
Clear the confusion and learn exactly what kind of board and parts you should buy! 
(Affordable is when you get the right parts the first time around!)
Learn what safety equipment you should use.
(I will explain what might look and feel safe, but isn't)
Find Out About Some Cool New Inventions You Can Use For Skateboarding
Your Shoe Size

Your Age
Type of Skating You Do

 Your Body Weight
Your Height

Your Experience
Using the latest technology we have created a one of a kind skateboard size generating calculator
You simply answer a few questions, hit submit and it does all the calculating for you.
 It tells the exact size and length of the right deck and the wheel and truck size for you to skate.
Want to Know The Best Part?
We Offer A 30 Day No Fuss Money Back Guarantee

You get a chance to look at the entire school with a no money obligation.

The Only exception is after you complete your first quiz and its been graded.
Enroll Right Now Because Only The First 50 People Are Going To Get 50% OFF Today!
It's worth well over $79.99
 It's going to be sold for $29.99
The First 50 People Today Get It For 
Think About This
A pilot is going to learn about a plane before he flys a plane. He does this becuase he wants to be as safe as possible and it is a requirement. This course is the first step that every skateboarder should take. 
Will or will not a pilot become a better pilot as they grow in knowledge about the plane in which they fly?

And because of that there is a no questions asked refund to anyone who is not satisfied.

So what if your only 80% SATISFIED....
Then you get 80% of your money back. I'm just kidding, you will get a full refund! 
 You can email Skateboarding University at if you have any concerns or questions! We have choosen Paypal because it is one of the internets safest way of doing business online.

This is a school that you want to go to!
On top of this amazing offer, if you order roght now I will add two major
BONUS # 1: 10 Beginner Skateboarding lessons
These 10 lessons are not available anyplace else! They are exclusive for this offer only and for a very limited time. These are the perfect lessons to go along with this course.  They are your next steps after you learn the critical information about the skateboard equipment. These lessons teach you the very first skateboarding tricks that you should learn. They include over 20 skateboarding training videos. It is packed with written instructions and the proper order of the tricks and techniques that you should learn first.
$99 Value!
 The School is so simple to go through, and its so much fun!  It would be a great Birthday Present for any son or daughter who has an interest in skateboarding! Kids as well as adults like my self, in the past have only dreamed of attending a skateboard school.  NOW HERE IS THE CHANCE!!!!!
P.S. This course has been long overdue to come out! And because your still reading this I'm getting the hint that you are a serious skateboarder, and because that is true, I promise especially to you, that you will get so much useful stuff out of this course.  It is a cliche thing to say but its true so I'm going to say it "You can't afford not to enroll into this class"!
P.S. This school is unique and timely, it's insane something like this hasn't been around longer! Once you complete this course you are likely to know more about skateboards than most current skateboarders.


P.S. I would have signed up for this in a heart beat or begged my parents to if I had the chance that you do.  I want to help others have a great first experience with skateboarding!

           Click the button to enroll!

"The information was presented very clearly and its packed with tons of  nuggets. I feel very comfortable to buy a new skateboard that I know would be perfect for me. I enjoyed the course. Put Together Well!"

Jonathan Sikes, Winston Salem, North Carolina
"I've got to know Nick Cap pretty well. He has so much indepth knowledge about skateboarding.
This Course Is Worth It's Weight In Gold!"

Mike Brown, Brockport, New York
Welcome to
You will Learn The Proper Way To Work On A Skateboard!
If you are not properly trained, you can cause more damage, when trying to fix a skateboard than necessary. For example, when I first started skateboarding I noticed that my board rolled slower than other peoples. So I asked my friend's dad, who was not a skateboarder, what to do and he said spray WD40 on my bearings. If you're told to do that, please just learn from my lesson. They ended up spinning good for 15 minutes and than they became completely stuck! WD40 works for a time and then it leaves a sticky coat that collects dust and dirt, which then jams the ball bearings. During this section when l teach you how to properly work on your skateboard, you will be shown how to safely and effectively clean your bearings. Do not try it until you know how, becuase I had to buy new bearings for a mistake that you do not have to make.
There are so many things you need to know about working on the skateboard!
 As you learn the parts of a skateboard you will also learn the best ways to work on each part. This course has fantastic value and is well worth the very low cost of taking it.
After 14 years of skateboarding I have done it all!

This is the only school and website of its kind.
 It teaches your skateboarding needs in an easy-to-use online classroom setting.

Skateboarders, it would be a crime to let this incredible opportunity pass you by. You will not just get a ton of head knowledge, but you are also going to get the nitty, gritty hands on stuff, that you will put to use for the rest of your life.
If you have no interest in skateboarding then yes, this is not for you, but because you do, you won't want to skip this school, If you enroll you will have a better skateboarding future.

Some of the sections include.....
Is all safety equipment the same?

Absolutely not! Don't just buy a helmet because its a helmet. Buy one that will actually protect your head during skateboarding! An example is a bike helmet is designed to protect only a part of your head that you will most likely hit if you were to fall off a bike. When first starting out I wore a bike helmet to skateboard with. I hit a cord in the road with my skateboard and went flying head first into the cement. I was using my green bike helmet, and it smashed into pieces, leaving me with a major head ache.There are helmets much safer for extreme sports such as skateboarding.
I will give specific brands that I recommend above others!

I mentioned before shoes are such an important part of learning how to skateboard. In this lesson we will make sure you find the right kind the first try! You will discover the most important feature to look for in skateboarding shoes.
          Chance To Win A Free Skateboard Deck!
               After passing the course you will be put into a drawing to win a brand new skateboard deck with grip tape!
       There will be chances for to get other cool prizes as well!

        Its my way of blessing and helping new skater who are learning how to skateboard
BONUS # 2: The Story Of Nick Capamaggio. A Free PDF
"Why I Am Different For Life" is an PDF about Nick Capamaggio's incredible journey in his life. This PDF is a great read. Its the complete testomonial of his life. Includes some of his deep challenges as well as victory's. It's a life changing book that truely touches the hearts of it's readers. You will discover the World's Best Hidden Secret To Life that's not really hidden at all.

The reason this course is under priced is because it's a brand new skateboarding school and we care more about getting real testomonials than about making money now. We have spent hundreds of hours putting this together. At this price we feel like we are giving it away for free!

THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR YOU: THE FIRST 10 Testamonials we receive
50% off the next course we produce!!!!! Copy Righted (c) 2010

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BONUS # 3: Entered into the contest - Every Class will have a winner!
We will help every willing student to pass the class and when they do they will get a chance to win a skateboard deck! The deck will come in the proper size for the skater!
$50 Value!