Common Questions
Our Slogan: "No Skateboarder Left Behind!"
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Q & A

Can I take as long as I would like to complete the course after I purchase it?  Yes, You will have unlimited access to the courses material after you purchase the course.

Do you have to be a certain age to do this? No, the material is presented in a very clear manner. We would recommend parents to accompany their child if they are 12 years or under. The content is very rich, so even grown ups enjoy taking the class for themselves.

Do I have to download any thing to take the class? There is nothing to download. You only need access to the internet.

How do I watch the videos? Some of our videos are hosted on Youtube well others are hosted at webstarts. You simply stream them from our website.

How many questions am I allowed to ask the skateboard instructors? For the first 30 days of the course you can ask unlimited questions to the instructors. After 30 days you can email us questions from the main contact page and we will make sure to get your answers up on our website.