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The Parts of a Skateboard
Chapter 1 Objectives
Defining the Skateboard Parts

Your Correct Skateboard Size

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Section One
The Parts of a Skateboard

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Today's Homework: Memorize These 7 Parts

A skateboard is a board that has four wheels attached by the trucks. There are seven main parts to a modern skateboard and they each have a distinct function.

1. Deck      2.Trucks       3.Wheels      4.Bearings       5.Hardware       6.Grip Tape        7.Riser Pads

The Deck and Grip Tape

The deck is the wooden board that you stand on. The grip tape is the black sand paper like substance.

The Trucks and Bushings

A skateboard truck is the metal part that connects the wheels to the deck. The bushings are the round donut-shaped, rubber rings that are a part of the truck.
The Wheels and Bearings

The wheels are the circular devices that roll on the ground. The ball bearings go inside the wheels, which allow the wheels to rotate around on the trucks.

The Hardware and Riser Pads

The hardware are the eight nuts and bolts that connect the trucks to the deck.
The Riser Pads raise the wheels farther from the deck by making the truck higher.

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Grip Tape
Riser Pads