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The Parts of a Skateboard

Section Three
Learn From My Experience

Dear New Skateboarder,

    I'm thrilled to be one of your skateboard friends. You are going to have so much fun skateboarding. My job is to make sure that you get started off on the right track, without making the common mistakes that almost all new skateboarders make when they first begin.
     I started skateboarding when a new kid in town named Chris approached me after school one day. He asked if I would like to go skateboarding. I explained to him that I've never done it before, but I always wanted too! He said he had an extra board that I could borrow and to meet him next to the apartment dumpsters in 20 minutes.
     When I arrived his extra board was a long board and he himself was using what is called a modern skateboard. I got to cruise around on the long board or I mean fall around on while he was trying to learn tricks on his board. In the middle of having fun trying to stay balanced on it, I watched him Ollie up onto curbs, attempt nose picks, and do really cool spins. It intrigued me like nothing else ever did before.
     He let me try his board a couple of times and I liked it a lot. I was having so much trouble trying to stand up and get balanced on the thing, but that was half the fun. At that point I knew I had to go get my own skateboard so I could practice and get better. I got my father to take me to the store to buy my first board. I was so excited and I remember he was excited for me too! The board looked amazing;  it had a really cool dragon graphic on it.

     When I got home I quickly left my house to go show off my new board to Chris. He was excited for me or maybe for himself because he didn't have to share his board anymore. 
I was trying to do some kick turns while moving and even started skating instead of walking to get to different locations. Within a couple days after owning my own board, I was doing a kick turn on a bank and the truck hit the ground at a bad angle, causing it to crack into two pieces.  I took it home to see if my dad could fix it, almost in tears. He said he couldn't, but could possible get me a refund or trade it in for another board. 
     The store said that it broke because of abuse.  WOW! I was a little kid trying to roll around on it and it broke because of abuse? Was it made just to look at it? I DON"T THINK SO. It broke because it was poorly designed and cheaply put together. Those two things equal danger. My first lesson was that just any skateboard will not do.  I did a little research and found out that pro boards cost more money. So I asked for one for my birthday. My friend gave me a CCS mail order catalog.   It had hundreds of different boards to choose from.  I even got to pick out all of the different skateboard parts I wanted individually.  
I had no idea what products were better, or even if there was any difference. So I picked everything out based on looks. The only deck company that I knew was Birdhouse, because of Tony Hawk, so I got a Birdhouse deck with a picture of a rabbit on it.
     That board lasted me a very long time. Something that I did not understand the full consequences from was skating in the rain. It makes the wheels super slippery causing the skaters to slide out and lose control. The other really bad thing rain does to a skateboard is that it wrecks the deck, trucks, and bearings. Some people learn things a little later than others. I didn't realize it would wreck the board and cause it to lose pop and chip easier as well as make the grip tape have less grip.  If you want to save yourself a lot of work and make your skateboard last longer, DO NOT
 let it get wet, and DO NOT stand on the grip tape with dirty shoes!
     Something else you can learn from my lesson to save yourself some pain, money, and time is DO NOT shop for a skateboard at stores that do not specialize on just skateboards. Instead buy your board in person at a local skateboard shop. It's a place that only sells skateboards, so they have special knowledge that can help you find the perfect board. No skate shop around? No worry! An even cheaper way to get a board is to buy one at an online outlet store from a trusted skateboarding company. I prefer to shop at The-House,
 because you can buy a whole complete board for under $99 and they are really fast with shipping.  
If you need the help, or have any questions at all please email me with the information and I will help you find the right board and shop to buy one from, so you can do it with confidence!      My email is
If you plan on skateboarding, do not monkey around with cheap boards, for example a K-Mart board, because 
they break so much easier and that means they are not safe to ride on. 
     You might want to hold off buying your board until you go through this whole coarse because we are going to discuss the parts of the board piece by piece.  It will give you a clear under
standing of what to look for!

Sincerely, you’re  Friend,

Nick Capamaggio

P.S. My job as your teacher is to help you. So I mean it when I say email me all of your questions, and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!
Nick's Personal Experience
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