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The Skateboard Trucks 
Section Three 
Best Skateboard Trucks To Buy  
Honest Reviews Of The Good And The Bad!
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You have learned a lot about skateboard trucks up to this point.  The next step is to figure out what skateboard trucks you should buy. The different reasons people buy skateboard trucks: their looks, for the skaters that are sponsered by the companies, the only brand they are familiar with, and for the price. But the best reason for buying a pair of trucks is because you know exactly what you are looking for. These reviews are designed to move you from being a novice to an expert on skate trucks. An expert on trucks knows the best height, make, and size for themselves and they can help others too. 
     Every truck company has a selection of differently made trucks. Most have lower and taller trucks. The lower trucks make you closer to the ground, which gives you more balance and control over the skateboard.  If you pick these type of trucks, make sure that you get smaller wheels because there will be less space in between the deck and axle. Lower trucks are most generally used for street skating. 
     A higher truck is recommended for vert ramps and fast speed skateboarding.  It gives you the ability to put bigger wheels on it that will cause your skateboard to go much faster! If you do a lot of traveling on a skateboarding to get to different destinations then a higher truck will save you alot of pushing work, because the board will roll a lot farther with every push that you make.
     As you read the reviews keep in mind what kind of skateboarding you are wanting to learn, because each company has a tendency to be a little better or just different in certain areas. 
Independent:  I'm currently skating Independent trucks and I've had one or two pair in the past.  These trucks have been around a long time and have built a reputation for being very solid and strong. The only thing that I do not care as much about them is they seem to me to be a little harder to control the turning. I bought them because I knew they would last a long time. They make really good wide trucks  if you are a vert skater. The all come with a lifetime guarantee. 
Grind King:  Grind king trucks stand out from the other truck companies just because they are so much different.  The metal they use is a little bit softer making them the best grinding trucks on the market. That being said, the hanger grinds away a lot faster than most trucks. They use a hex-head kingpin, which keeps it from catching on the rails. It causes you to need another tool that I thought was annoying, especially when I kept loosing the one I had. So if you do a lot of grinds, go ahead and give them a try. 
Fury:  My friend Stephen used to skate Fury and a lot of vert ramps to. He would find the biggest hills and bomb down them. He said Fury trucks were the best for speed.  I used his board a couple of times and was suprised that I liked how they turned. I'm picky when it comes to how the truck turns. They do make trucks for street also. They are known to be heavier and wider than most trucks. 
Venture: Venture trucks used to be my all time favorite. I have gone through a lot of them.  I absolutely love the way that they turn and grind. The only downfall is that I broke a lot of kingpins while skating them and one time it was just a couple minutes before a skateboard contest started.  I have heard that they have improved this from happening, so maybe it is no longer an issue.
Destructo: I've had two pair of Destructo trucks, and I remember the first pair took a long time to break in and get used to.  I believe I changed the bushings  and ended up making them skate even worst. The second pair that I had was given to me for free and to my surprise I really enjoyed skating them.  Destructo sells light weight truck in all sizes. If you are want some fancy looking trucks then Destructo are the ones for you.  
Tensor:  Tensor trucks are as high tech as they come.  The master mind of Rodney Mullen has been put to work creating a revolutionary truck. They have hard plastic on the side for nose and tail slides unlike any other truck.  I used a friend's pair and to be honest couldn't get used to them.  He bragged about them and loved them.  If you are new to skateboarding these trucks would be worth a shot. With the company's integrity I'm sure they are giong to be around for a long time. 
Navigator:  Navigator trucks are a newer company that have built a good reputation in a short amount of time. I've skated them before. They were a joy to skate, and I think they might be the next one I buy.  The only problem is I haven't found them at a skate shop that sells them close to me.  One thing that really caught my eye - they are the only trucks that I'm aware of that sell a non-slip axle.  That's priceless! So if your looking to buy a pair of trucks at this point I would recomend Navigators. 
Krux Trucks: This company reminds me of Grind King, because you also need  a hex tool to work on them. They are a piece of cake to get used to, and they are lower to the ground.  I still wouldn't buy them for my self, because I do not care for the hex style trucks.
If a couple of different truck companies seemed to fit your style then the next thing to do in helping you make a quality decision is to check out their websites. Make sure they come in the proper size that you need and from there just pick the one that you think looks the best! 

Hey now, who said the style of the skateboard isn't important?
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