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The Skateboard Equipment Class 101
The Wheels, Bearings, Hardware and Risers
The hardware are the nuts and bolts that hold the trucks onto the skateboard. There are different brands, but they all do the same thing. So my advice is pick out the cheapest ones.  I personally like CCS's Lucky hardware because they come with one green bolt that I use on the front truck so its easy to identify the nose of my skateboard. You can purchase hardware made for a philips head screw driver or an allen wrench. The hardware that needs the allen wrench is better because they do not strip as easy as the other. Although it is easier to find a philips screw driver when you need to tighten them up.
Section Two 
The Hardware And Risers

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Riser Pads raise up the skateboard to stop wheel bite.  Shock Pads obsorb the stress from when you drop off of things and land on your skateboard. The only set of riser pads that I have ever used was a pare of Pig pads that were on my first skateboard.  Your new skateboard will last for a longer time, so it might be a good investment to buy some shock pads to keep your board from having pressure cracks.  As you improve skateboarding and start to go through boards at a faster pace, you will be on to the next board before your deck even starts to show pressure cracks. Riser pads are then not needed. You will notice a small difference from the way the board skates with them and how it skates without them. The other time you would want them is if you skate super loose trucks, because it will prevent your wheels from hitting the deck causing wheel bite. 

The Tail Devil In Use 

The Hardware
 Always make sure that your hardware is snugged tightly because loose or missing hardware will cause for a wobbly truck. 
The Riser Pads And Shock Pads
Other Accessories

                               The Tail Devil

I hate the name, but the device is a really cool.  You screw it onto the back of your skateboard tail and when you stop by dragging your tail, sparks fly up all over the place.  It looks the best at night.  I've never bought one, but I have used it on other peoples' skateboards. If you think its cool, for your convenience I put a link to the right where you can buy one.
                Shoe Goo

This is a life saver for a skateboarder! I have used so much of this. The truth is even the best skateboard shoe ever designed is going to get some holes in it.  If you want to save yourself some money, use shoe goo to make your shoes last twice as long! You just put it over the spot that is falling apart and it hardens, protecting your feet and allowing you to keep skating with old shoes. A good tip is to use it as soon as you see signs of wear - it's easier to apply.
              Skate Wax

If you want to learn how to slide or grind the need for skate wax is unavoidable. Putting skate wax on a ledge makes it possible to slide and grind. I used to take my parents candles and use them. I now realize that candles are not cheap. So either get their permission or buy some good solid skate wax that is made to get the job done.
    Garage Soft Trucks

Once you really get into skateboarding, you will want to do it rain or shine.  The problem is that you can not skateboard in the rain because it wrecks your skateboard. The Garage Soft Truckts were designed to replace your trucks.  Then you can keep learning skateboard tricks indoors standing still. Like in your bedroom, basement or garage. I put dents into my parents garage door, from my board flying away. These would have prevented that from happening.
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