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Best Way To Learn A Skate Trick
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                                  5 Steps To Learning A Skateboard Trick


Figure out one trick you want to learn. This sounds simple, but usually it takes people a long time to learn a trick because they try to learn so many different tricks all at the same time.  Picking one trick is called "The Power of Focus"

My advice is to be realistic. Of course you want to learn a Switch Back Side 360 Flip Primo Grind. But in order to do that you first need to know how to do an Ollie, than a Primo Grind, then a Regular 360 Flip, and a Switch 360 Flip.

One of the first tricks people learn is the Ollie or the Shuv It.  Pick a trick that is at the level of skateboarding you are currently doing. You do this to lower the chances of getting hurt, so you can conquer it and feel good at the same time. This is the best way to build the confidence you will need to have to be a good skateboarder.

So pick a trick right now in your mind - write it down. If you do not know many tricks go through the 13 free lessons course found at skateboarding

 Plan a date that you want to learn your trick by. Yes even in skateboarding you need deadlines. This will help pace yourself, and to know your progress with the trick. When you figure out the date, write it on the same sheet of paper.  Write: I want to learn a ________ on a skateboard by next Tuesday at 5 PM. This will cause you to take action and know how much you need to practice.  Do not worry if you don't land it by the deadline, you can always extend it.

For now pick a date and make it your goal to learn the trick by that date. 

STEP 2: Watch videos of other people doing it including trick tip videos that are other people explaining how it's done.  Learn how the trick is suppose to be done. Once you have a good understanding then take 10 minutes everyday closing your eyes picturing yourself performing the trick.  You can do this in the morning, or right before you start to skate. 

Skateboarding is 80% mental and 20% physical. Always first learn the trick in your mind. Did you know that your mind has a hard time distinguishing from reality and imagination? So if you imagine landing your trick everyday, the 80% mental capability is getting closer to the place it needs to be in order to land the trick.
STEP 3:  Something that most people neglect and just plain forget about is to pray.  Praying is the most powerful force on the earth and it has been proven through scientific studies. Even when a person doesn't believe in God, that doesn't make God non-existant. In fact he is still there and hears everything. I pray to Jesus and ask him to help me everyday even when it comes to skateboarding. Don't worry about bugging him, because he said himself "pray without ceasing about everything". If you have never prayed before you can say something along these lines.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this day, I would really like to learn how to land a Kickflip. I know you have created the entire world. So I know this is a small thing for you to do. Please help me out and show me anything that you would want me to know. Amen

Step Five:

Here is the key: Set apart 30 minutes everyday to learn the trick.  Most people when skateboarding try to have alot of fun attempting everything. There is a time and place to just skate around and do anything you want. But if you want to learn skateboarding tricks you have to set aside time to only try the one trick you want to learn.  

Let's say in 30 minutes you can can try a skateboard trick 50 times.  If you do it once a week that is a total of 350 attempts.  Don't you think after 350 tries you will become that much closer to learning the trick? 

You will be amazed at how fast you learn tricks if you only pick one trick at a time and then practice these 5 steps.  The person who learns the trick is the one who persists and never gives up.  

You can become one of the best skateboarders who has ever skateboarded before, it all depends on how bad you want it. 

THE NEXT STEP:    Make yourself a daily check list. 

My Skateboard Check List

1.) ___  I''m going to learn a _______________ on a skateboard
2.) ___  I've spent 10 minutes imagining myself doing the trick.
3.) ___  I prayed today for God to help me learn the trick.
4.) ___  I'm going to try and learn the trick by ___/___/_____
5.) ___  I've practiced the trick for 30 minutes today. 

Each day put a check on the line next to each number when you complete it.  This will keep you focused and give you a road map to learning how to do a new skateboard trick. 
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