Our Program
The series of courses make up our complete program.

Each course focuses on a particlar part of skateboarding.
Course 101 The Skateboard Equipment   How to pick out the best skateboard and work on it.  More Info....
Course 102 Riding A Skateboard   Learning your proper stance, how to balance, and how to turn.
Course 103 Beginner Skateboard Tricks   Techniques to learn tricks such as the Ollie, Shove-it, and kickflip.
Course 104 Skateboarding on Ramps   Learn the basic skills you need to skate at a skatepark.
Course 105 Skateboarding on Rails and boxes   Begin to learn how to do different types of grinds and slides.
Basic Objectives
Course # and Name

As each course is finished a link will be posted by the course number.
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