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Anyone who wants to learn to skateboard or even just about it. The courses are designed for young children to understand and for adults to enjoy going through them too! 

In all activities there are bad influences around that effect new people who are just learning. It's important to get accepted in a good crowd, especially when people look up to others who are expierenced at whatever it is they want to learn. Are aim is here is to have a good clean envirement that honors God.  We want it to be safe from all of the trash that is on the internet and in the world. 

We believe that skateboarding is an extremely rewarding sport for those who strive to learn it. It benifits your mind, it strengthens your body and helps with your cordination. It gives you a good oppurtunity to meet new people. It also allows for a positive outlet to focuse our attention on.

All we ask is for our students to show respece to each other and to the skateboard instructors!

The Students
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Remember that all tests will be graded so try your very best well taking them. If you have questions at any point send us an email with the subject saying student questions.

We Can Use Your Help!
These courses were put together with the help of fellow skateboarders.  We know that some of the content is of personal opinion. Because of the vast information that there is on skateboarding, we very well may also have left something important out of the course. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve the material, please let us know!

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